The mistery of beauty

Since when I first started doing makeup, I did, and always do, ask the same questions: What is beauty? What is that smile in satisfaction of lips to see our beauty achieved? Why we seek the beauty and why we behold? Each time I have different answers.

I always believed that beauty, philosophy, anthropology, psychology and history are knitting together as it relates to makeup, and I try to watch from these different platforms of observation. Each one is more interesting than the others, and it is vain to count the relations. They involve the story and aspirations of a person, culture, a thought, a lifestyle. Observing, not judging, all physical and socio-cultural characteristics of who I will make up is what allows me to build a proper look that might bring that twinkle in the eyes and satisfaction in the wearer. Since I do makeup, I know that all women and men have something beautiful to show: a smile, a nice pair of eyes, a velvety skin. For a good observer makeup can tell a story.

Makeup is not about changing someone in someone else, but to value and emphasize what is most beautiful. For as saying the American makeup artist Kevin Aucoin "No amount of makeup can mask the ugly heart."

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