Pupart L Palette 002 Review

This pretty chic palette was a gift from my beloved aunt. I know this Italian famous makeup brand. I had a Pupa Cube when I was 16, a long time ago and I like it so much. Being honest, I was quite sceptical of this palette because most of my makeup are pro, I’m a no longer a teenager and I didn’t find enough reviews online from the brand, and from this palette in special. So, I decided to test it and I will tell you my impressions and a vote for this product. But first let’s see what this Italian brand says on them website about this palette.



Northern patterns matching super chic colors. Absolutely elegant. Super complete and super compact. It comes with make-up for all occasions, in all the best colors! For eyes, face and lips.

Ok. It’s a good presentation, the package is very attractive and elegant, was completely in love with these patterns in gold and white (the palette 001 is black white). They say it is northern patterns (maybe Scandinavian? I do love Norwegian decoration!), but in reality it makes me remember Missoni’s brand classic pattern (probably is my brain kidding with my Italian cultural background). The back part is black, and is written Made in Tunisia. Ops! On the website http://www.pupa.it/eng/ they claim “Design&Make-Up MADE IN ITALY”, in full capital letters, although it is really made in Tunisia. Not surprised at all. Well, as far I understand the design is made in Italy, the ingredients, styling are Italians and designed in Monza (lovely city near the Goddess Milan) and the manufacture is in Tunisia like many other brands, especially in fashion. Italy has strict laws for cosmetics and if it’s sold in Italy the product should respect all the European standards and Pupa does it. Another thing I would like to say is that I totally agree when they say “Absolutely elegant”. BTW, let’s see what this palette offer. Listening Blur, after drunk a great coffee only I can say: Uhoooooo!!!!

Pupart L palette



2 compact blushers 1 cream blusher 1 face powder 1 bronzer 3 all overs 3 concealers 1 eye primer 20 eyeshadows 2 double

16 glosses 12 cream lip colors

This palette promises to be “Super complete and super compact”. I agree with the second part, but unfortunately not with the first. Despite there is a lot of products in it, I think it isn’t a “super complete” palette. I’ll explain later in cons why.

Pupart Palette Review

Pupart palette Review


  • Price: More or less £22 in Italy (it isn’t a splurge in comparison with other palettes from other brands). I don’t know if they sell it in the UK. Probably on amazon.

  • Package: Great design. Sophisticated. Superb.

  • Size: Super compact, easy to transport, Net Wt 1.53 oz- 43, 5 g

  • Eyeshades: 20 stunning eyeshadows(6 mattes) with a medium-high pigmentation and a very, I said, very classy colours. Mostly buttery and bendable Wow! The palette worth the money for the eyeshadows part.

  • Bronzer: Finally a non orange undertone bronzer (the universe listened my prayers!).This bronzer has a hint of gray tone given a natural tan to the skin. I don’t remember anybody in mother nature becoming “orange” after a sun exposition. Unfortunally maybe pink or red...Ouch!I don’t wanna remember this....

  • Lips: Definitely the 12 lip cream colours are A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Absolutely gorgeous and pigmented. The 16 glosses are great too.

  • Cream Blusher: with lovely pink-coral shade, easy to blend, suits all skin tones.

  • Concealers: 3 wonderful concealers very quick to apply and really help to blow up any imperfections with a good coverage, a green corrector, excellent to blurry blemishes or any redness.

  • 3 highlights (all over): a creamy texture highlighters with a pearl, champagne and pale pink colours. Marvellous!


  • Eye primer: too greasy for those like me with oily lids. I’ve used it with Pupas eyeshadows and with other eye shadow brands. For me it does not work, maybe it will for you if your lids are less oily then mines.

  • Compact blusher: two coral pink shades. The shades are similar, except for the intensity of the colour: one is lighter e the other a bit darker, but both pinkie coral. These powdery blushes aren’t long lasting. Fade very quickly. Remember the cream blush? Yes, the colour is similar too but the cream one at least the colour last for 8 hours.

  • Setting Face powder and Concealers: Very useful face powder to setting the makeup in place. Very good performance and keeps the skin. So, at this point are you asking to yoursef: Why she’s saying positives (pros) things instead a con? Because, these powders and concealers although they’re great products they don’t match to deep skin tones! It’s a shame they should buy these items separately.

  • Paraben Free? I’m not a paraben hunter, but for those who are there is nothing written in the palette. I searched online and I haven’t found anything about.

My vote for this palette was 8.5!

Well, my final considerations are these: It’s a great palette, wonderful, good taste, well designed, but, in my opinion Pupa should include a mini eye pencil, mini mascara and the most important: more face powders and concealers in colours suitable for brown and deep skin tones. Make up, is an instrument to enhance natural women’s beauty and give us that necessary confidence to approach life. Makeup means inclusion.

Please let me know your opinion about this Pupa Pupart L palette!


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